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News February 2020

This page has been overdue for an update for a good while. There has been quite a bit going on so here is a bit of a catch up.

Firstly I am putting in prices to reflect VAT/TVA. Most of my customer base live in countries that suffer these sales taxes and for several years UK customer have had an option to pre-pay VAT. If you happen to live in a country other than the UK or EU's customs net, or if you prefer to settle any import costs yourself, then please get in touch and I will reduce the price. Shipping costs would still be due. Just in case you are wondering some of the old pricing may reflect the old VAT-exempt figures but those on the "currently orderable" pages should be up to date. It will take a few days for the shipping pricing to be put in and the buy buttons will not be enabled until this is done. Initially I will be putting in pricing for shipping to UK and French mainland addresses, if you live further afield or want a fast estimate on shipping then please email me.

Aster, the famous Japanese live steam (plus electric power) gauge-1 manufacturer, has been taken over by Accucraft (USA). If you look around the web there is a good bit of comment as to the problems that Aster found themselves in. My view is that they lost a bit of direction and a major amount of oversight following the death of Mr. Inoue, with one locomotive project (the "Modified Merchant Navy") weakening them financially and the subsequent British Rail class 5MT having an unusual lack of quality control effectively reducing decades of goodwill in the existing customer base. It seems to be accepted that the previous rerun of the BR class 9F kits, which was an Aster locomotive design but produced using the Accucraft manufacturing base in China (hence the Aster/Accucraft labelling) was up to the traditional quality. Much may ride on the LNER/BR B1 in bringing the quality control back to previous standards. The current Aster products may be found in the 1:32 section with an "AST" product code prefix.

Accucraft also took over the Gauge 1 Model company which had some slightly simplified (slip-eccentric valve gear) british locomotives to their credit and also a selection of BR Mk1 coaches. All of the previous four coach designs are still available in the maroon or green liveries with all but the corridor 2nd coach still on the order form in the chocolate-and-cream or carmine-and-cream scheme. An RMB (mini-buffet coach) will be produced later this year and can be ordered in any of the four colour schemes. Current pricing is £275 (VAT/TVA inclusive) for each of the remaining Mk1 stock (I understand quantities to be limited) or the forthcoming RMBs.

Continuing on with standard gauge passenger stock Accucraft will be offering a CIWL sleeping car through the J&M models label. J&M was a long established british manufacturer renowned for their gauge 1 range of british, european continental and north american passenger rolling stock in hand built brass. The forthcoming model will also be brass construction but will utilise more etching and one might suppose some cnc machining before hand assembly. Models will be built to specific order with a month or so lead time. The photo provided so far suggests appropriate quality to justify the expected £1000 per unit cost. Whilst I would agree this is not cheap there are not many sources of gauge 1 coaching stock, german stock from Maerklin is not that much cheaper, the Accucraft British Rail Mk1's are more reasonably priced and the MTH american passenger cars are bargains in comparison (see but none of these brands cover CIWL for those that have the appropriate locomotives. It is good to see J&M back in the running.

{short description of image}

Accucraft UK has not been idle on it's mainstay british narrow gauge range (perhaps I should widen this to "british design" given the 4-4-0s for the Cavan & Leitrim and south american and south african Lawleys) and the pages should reflect recent stock and project status (though please do check the official Accucraft current project list if you want the absolute latest status). A new page has been added for the now expanded range of 1:13 scale (7/8" to the foot) locomotives. Following on from the initial Decauville locomotive production come the Bagnall and Kerr-Stuart designs. These are also 0-4-0 tank engines and whilst in real life the prototype might be considered small it has to be said that in the world of scale models 1:13 allows for a roomier cab compared to the smaller scales and allows the fitted gauges and controls to be more compact in proportion whilst the actual model cylinder bore and stroke allows for proportionate pulling power. The prototypes chosen were industrial workhorses where short trains and tight curves are realistic. For anyone who has noticed, a couple of the Isle of Mann railway items are marked as being 1:20 scale whereas others are 1:19. For the moment I am listing them in the 1:19 section with the other mainly british prototypes rather than amongst the american 1:20.3 stock. I hope that you will agree with the bending of the scale categories to group the IoM products together.

If one of the locomotives listed as orderable does not currently have a price against it then the most likely reason is that it an Accucraft USA item. If you would be interested in obtaining one then please send me an email and I will enquire whether I can provide a reasonable price or whether you would be better off approaching Accucraft USA direct.

News December 2016

This is to let you know of a change of status regarding Accucraft (UK), it seems that they have had a change of heart and you should now find us on their official dealers list.

If you would like any Accucraft product the simplest method is to check whether it is in stock or available to order either from

Accucraft UK's narrow gauge stock and project status list

Accucraft UK's gauge 1 (1:32 standard gauge) stock and project status list

Accucraft (USA) 's e-store

If the item is listed on either site then I can order it up, please send me a brief email and I will see what I can do to help. {short description of image}

Of course there is nothing to stop you from ordering directly from the e-store, Accucraft (USA) would prefer you to do so as they make more profit that way, but you will be hit with a transatlantic shipping fee and be responsible for customs clearance and any import duties. Furthermore dealers are not obliged to handle any warranty or service issues on items that they did not sell.

News October 2015

This is to let you know of a change of status regarding Accucraft (UK). As you may know or have surmised my main interest has been in the 1:32 scale models with a particular affinity for the american outline products. Gauge 1 standard gauge has never been Accucraft's main product line and for Accucraft (UK) it really is a minority market segment, especially with regard to american outline. Due to low throughput Accucraft (UK) would rather that I did not advertise as a listed dealer but has left a channel open should potential sales ramp up. Rather than trash the whole website I am disabling the "buy" buttons and removing the previous All scale mail-order list page. If you would like to buy any current or proposed Accucraft item from me then please send me a brief email and I will see what I can do to help. {short description of image}

So, hoping that you underestand all the above, I am leaving the other aspects of the website alone for continuity and/or any minor historic interest.

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1:32 scale 1:29 scale 1:20.3 scale 1:19 scale 1:13 scale (7/8") Accessories On3 items On30 items

Please understand that the prices shown do not include EC sales tax (VAT / TVA), within the Channel Isles Jersey sadly does now have a sales tax but it does not substitute for VAT.
I respectfully ask those based in the UK to read about the option of pre-paying VAT.

To help reduce the number of dealers phoning them up just to confirm availability of the "UK" models Accu UK now provide this "stock status" page. For american prototypes please email to check in the traditional manner

Just in case you are interested in a metal bodied Marklin rather than Accucraft or MTH derived methanol-electric "live diesel" engine, the last few of Mr.Hyde's UP F7s

News January 2011

Finally some news on the pre-order/cancelled/reinstated/frozen/your-guess-is-as-good as mine H8 Allegheny. The AMS series (with diecast major parts) model at the then theoretical £2000 price mark has now disappeared but it has reappeared in their more expensive and better detailed ACL catalog in both electric and live steam. For any of you who remember the prices that the Aster H8 model was listed at the price, although not insignificant, should come as a pleasant surprise. It will also allow direct comparison between the two manufacturers products for the first time since the GS-4 daylight.

November 2010

For any of you who missed out on the initial production run of the Baldwin WD 4-6-0 please note that Accucraft UK will do a final build to order in both gauges if there are sufficient orders in by March 2011 though the maximum run is limited to 50. Both L&B Lyn and W&L Countess are being re-run, again with just 50 units for each loco of which more than half are currently taken. The new 0-4-2ST Leader will be in the UK later this month. The prototype Pennsylvania T-1 duplex can be seen in action here.

July 2010

Information recently arrived from Accucraft includes this project status page. Along with listing the recent arrivals and those that should appear shortly it also mentions those locomotives that are close to selling out, should you have a particular interest in any of them. Furthermore a couple of new items appear on the list as forthcoming projects of which I will highlight the live steam Pennsy T-1 duplex as being worthy of note.

October 2009

I have recently received a list of clearance price reductions from Accucraft. Although not explicitly stated it rather implies that there will be no more s12's, rather a shame I think but if you do know people that are depressed with the current general pricing of 1/32 live steam here may be a chance for them. The live steam s12 0-6-0 switchers are priced at £1395 each and the electric motored SP F4 and F5 2-10-2 locomotives are £2270 each. There are also some D&RGW electric and live steam locomotives and a couple of freight items on the list. Rather obviously the reduced prices are only available whilst stocks remain, please get in touch if interested.

July 2009

As you may have read elsewhere Accucraft UK have decided to withdraw from the British outline 1:32 scale gauge-1 market. The Flying Scotsman and Black 5 locomotives will sadly not now be followed by an A4, prairie tank or the proposed diesels. The reason is that there were insufficient dealer orders (guilty) stemming from low apparent customer interest at the time. Naturally now that the Scotsmen have sold out I am receiving an increased number of queries but please understand that Ian Pearse does far better with his narrow gauge projects, the injection moulded diesels would have involved too much risk. To clear the line for other products the remaining Black 5's are now offered at £845, not too bad I think for a painted and lined brass mainline 4-6-0. Accucraft (USA) will continue to develop 1:32 scale standard gauge models of american prototypes as well as narrow gauge for both their home market and foreign enthusiasts and these will still be available through Accucraft UK. In a slightly similar vein I note that Accucraft (USA) do not currently list any 1:24 scale items (previously just the Disney 4-4-0 and SF cable cars) so for anyone interested in what they used to do here is an old link. Enthusiasts of the On3 and On30 formats will be pleased to hear that these ranges now have a number of new locomotives and roling stock due for production.

April 2009

To help reduce the number of dealers phoning them up just to confirm availability of the "UK" models Accu UK now provide this "stock status" page. For queries on the availability of the american prototype models please just send a simple email and I'll check in the traditional manner until Accu USA provides a similar service. For those that wanted and missed the Flying Scotsman model there is the possibility of a final run. This will be a customer derived batch with your choice of the four variants and with no extra production for stock. If orders hit the minimum requirement by June it will go ahead and that will then be it for this particular model. The price will depend on the dollar rate but currently I would expect it to be around £1200. The future of the proposed A4 model is apparently currently being decided but if it goes ahead then there apparently is the possibility of a slightly simplified live steam version (2 cylinder from what I have read). I have no new information as to the current status of the proposed diesels.

January 2009

The prices have been adjusted to reflect the current dollar related dealer prices. There are a small number of locomotives from stock at last years lower figures.

Accu USA "Feb announcement sheet"

Accu "Jan 2009 announcement sheet"

Accu "Dec 2008 announcement sheet"

Accu "Nov 2008 announcement sheet"

February 2008

The live steam SP cab forwards have now arrived.

January 2008

Flying Scotsmen are being distributed though the single chimney LNER preservation version is still delayed.

I also believe that the live steam cab forwards have now made it to production and should be on their way transatlantic shortly. End of month update: 1:32 scale boxcars may be available by the year end (SP, UP, WP, C&O, CP, NYC&StL, NYC). The EMD GP-9 has also been announced as paired units (presumably one unit powered and the other as a dummy) SP (blk wid), WP, ATSF (bl/yl), NYC, GN, PRR (no UP) and the SP 2-10-2 is set to make an appearance in a live steam version. From what I read these locos and the Allegheny are unlikely to materialise before 2009.

December 2007

With the help of a year-end discount I can offer one of the Accucraft AL97-001B (SP 4449, butane fired) at £3100. Accucraft may still have available a "seconds" AM97-113S (Big Boy electric). This version would normally have sound but is described as having a non-functioning sound system and a split seam on the left hand cab rear. I do not have an image of this but if needed I expect one could be provided. My suspicion is that some cyanoacrylate or epoxy resin would do the job. £1600 for a metal monster if you can live with or attend to the faults.

According to Accucraft (USA) the bulk of the Flying Scotsman versions have arrived, the LNER livery with single chimney being the one still pending. Arrival in the UK should be imminent.

Accucraft UK have stated the following prototypes as being scheduled for production during the next 18 months. Prices are indicative based on current information (and for those who are not willing to read the lower portion of this page please be informed that there is no element of VAT in these indicative prices or indeed those stated elsewhere).

1:32 Scale Electric  Brass Construction. LMS 4-6-0 Black 5 (£980), LBSCR 0-6-0T Terrier (£362), LNER 4-6-2 A4 Mallard (£1020), GWR 2-6-2T 61XX Prairie (£677)

1:32 Scale Electric  Plastic Construction. Class 37 Diesel (£340), 08 Diesel Shunter (£169), Class 20 Diesel (£221), HST 125 4 Car Set (£592)

1:19 Scale Live Steam. W&L 0-6-0T Countess(£979), Freelance 0-6-0T Lawley (£617)

1:19 Scale Rolling Stock. W&L Compo/Brake Bogie Coach, 2 running numbers (£149), W&L 3rd Class Saloon Bogie Coach (£149), L&B 3rd Class Compartment Bogie Coach, 4 running numbers (£140) L&B 3rd Class Centre Observation Bogie Coach, 4 running numbers (£140), L&B 3rd Class and Composite/Brake Bogie Coaches No 15 and No 16 (£140)

1:20.3 Scale Rolling Stock. Isle of Man 3rd Class Pairs Bogie Coach, 4 running numbers (£128)

June 2007

At the end of the month Accucraft managed to surprise me by announcing the C&O 2-6-6-6 Allegheny locomotive (electric power only). Whilst this may not seem beyond the bounds of a concern that has covered the Big Boy (now available) in their brass and diecast construction format, and the GS-4 and cab-forwards locomotives in more traditional brass and lost-wax construction methods the pre-order price was a bit of an eye-opener. If you like traditional brass rolling stock then SP and UP cabooses are set for production as well as REA reefers. The SP S-12 engine is set for another production batch but the live steam cab-forwards and the electric F4 and F5 2-10-2 engines seem set for a batch limit of just 50 models.

February 2007

With a truly classic sense of timing, given last month's paragraph, the newly issued dealer pricelists show some changes in pricing and have a number of items missing from the previous list. Amongst the pre-sold and out-of-stock in Accucraft's 1:32 scale products are most of the electric cab-forward locomotives (with the remainder being in very short supply, the live steam version may still be ordered), some of the GS-4's and most of the S-12s (as mentioned last month). A major casualty has been the removal of all the coaches in their Daylight consist, I understand that these were a pain to produce but it is a real shame given the popularity of the GS-4. A pleasant surprise is the announcement of the SP F4 and F5 2-10-2 with electric power. If there is a point to be made I suppose the advice must be to consider that Accucraft have a traditional maximum production quantity of 200 and a popular model is likely to sell out or be fully allocated rather quickly. If there is a forthcoming model that you particularly want then we would recommend that you make sure that you have a firm reservation for it.

January 2007

The principle news this time round is that DPA has just been appointed an Accucraft dealer. Those who are familiar with the brand will know that they produce a wide range of 45mm gauge products, locomotives and rolling stock ranging, from narrow-gauge 0-4-0's to the complete SP Daylight train in 1/32 with your choice of live steam or electric GS-4.

If you do not know the products then please have a look at their website I will be concentrating on their 1/32 scale items but have access to the full product range.

In terms of north american prototypes the SP GS-4 should still be available in the traditional Daylight version, black livery or the "50-50" version (Daylight tender and cab colour, no side skirts and black pilot). Each version is (or at least was) available as either alcohol or butane fired live steam or electric power. To accompany the locomotive they produced complete rakes of coaches.

They also produced the SP S-12 0-6-0 switcher in live steam. When last speaking to them they were down to their last couple of the blue boilered version.

Forthcoming models include the CPR Royal Hudson in three liveries (blue/black, the traditional grey boiler and black/maroon scheme and the recent black/maroon scheme with stainless boiler cladding) again with your choice between meths or butane. I have heard mention of the possibility of an electric version but have no pricing for this. Please note that the price on the Hudson will increase by 10% at the end of January 2007.

Also on the future products list the the SP AC-12 cab-forward in live steam. This will appear it is hoped in late 2007, the early order discount on this is expected to run up to July. I have just been told that the electric versions are nearly sold out or spoken for but I will keep asking.

Furthermore you may have seen images of the pre-production Flying Scotsman model. This is expected to be electric power only, two in versions in BR livery and two with an LNER paint scheme. Please note that the cab arrangement is as per post grouping, or in other words the model underlying the LNER livery more accurately reflects the locomotive in preservation rather than in LNER service.

Import duty or sales tax

As ever, please note that the prices shown are effectively "fob Jersey" (Channel Islands) and do NOT include any element of VAT/TVA or shipping, you should make allowance for whatever duty rates your local customs office might inflict.

Whilst the rest of the web-site is being created here are basic stop-gap pages listing the Accucraft ranges. Please note that only the uninsured postage costs to the UK have been estimated so far, if you live elsewhere or require an insured delivery service, or have any other queries then please get in touch by email {short description of image}

For those in distant lands who do not have personal email accounts please ask a friend or colleague to send a quick message with your contact details, just in case the line quality on your call disguises the details.

1:32 scale 1:29 scale 1:20.3 scale 1:19 scale 1:13 scale (7/8") Accessories On3 items On30 items

All scale mail-order list

Please note the following availabilty codes:

AO- Available to Order, BC- order Book Closed, BG or SO Been & Gone or Sold Out, CA- cancelled, IS- In Stock, LS- Limited Stock, PO- Pre Order

If you are interested in the MTH RailKing range of Gauge 1, O gauge and/or HO products then please take a look at the www.RailKing.Co.UK site.

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